Hazelnut Ice Cream

It is really annoying how commercials know to push our buttons, play with our prefrontal cortexes and make us buy things. They turn us into voodoo babies, and with every needle we start craving. Frankly, they do not need to tap into the subconscious level of my brain to convince me to buy ice cream. But still it is like giving a bong to a pothead.

Now watch the video below- an ice-cream commercial from 50s. Neuromarketing, which is a cuter name for neuron rape, is yet to be discovered. Heads coming out of walls… Not sure about the brand awareness or persuasion this created at 50s, but definitely hilarious today! What`s to eat?!!

Oh well, once the craving starts, you can always rush to grocery stores, or better, make it from scratch; and dear reader if you choose to do so, I promise you’re in for a treat! Follow me!

Hazelnut Ice Cream


400 gr milk
160 gr heavy cream
100 gr sugar
6 egg yolks
100 gr hazelnut paste
100 gr hazelnut


1. Bring milk and cream to boil and then remove from heat to let it cool a little.
2. Whisk egg yolks and sugar until the mixture becomes pale. While whisking slowly add the milk mixture to the egg mixture- make sure to add slowly to prevent eggs cooking solid.
3. Put the mixture back to low-heat. Continue stirring and remove from heat before it gets thicker.
4. Add hazelnuts and paste and stir until smooth. Let it cool at room temperature. (If you wait overnight the texture and taste gets even better, but if you do not have time, just wait until it comes to room temp.
5. Put the mixture into your ice cream machine and churn it for 15-20 minutes.

Source: My ice cream machine’s recipe book…

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