Chocolate and Lemon Madeleines

When I feel a little under the weather and or just unhappy, I take my favorite blanket and watch Chocolat. I can always count on Vianne- I’m in good hands. When she sees me, she always knows what I need the most at that time. Sometimes she offers me her 2000 year old Mayan recipe hot chocolate, sometimes her rich chocolate cake. It is often the darkest, the most bitter chocolate, but the red pepper jewel chocolates other times. Then as a cherry on top, once they party with Roux and gypsies on the boat, I’m a new person- no fuss, no drama! This happened again next week or so. When the movie finished I was craving for chocolate something. I was already drooling over the Pierre Herme’s Chocolate Deserts book for the last 45 minutes of the movie. Looking at the usual suspects, couldn’t decide what to bake, wanted them all, then decided on these chocolate madeleines. I baked, eat 3, then photographed, then eat another one… HAPPY!

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Hazelnut Ice Cream

It is really annoying how commercials know to push our buttons, play with our prefrontal cortexes and make us buy things. They turn us into voodoo babies, and with every needle we start craving. Frankly, they do not need to tap into the subconscious level of my brain to convince me to buy ice cream. But still it is like giving a bong to a pothead.

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Food Photography 101

I’ve told you before how everything has started. First stage, trying to feed ourselves to survive, second, mastering a little and trying new things and final stage becoming a foodie and kitchen nut, improvising and experimenting continuously. Meanwhile, it was obviously inevitable to get the food porn bug. Actually, this is why I started blogging in the first place.

The compliments and questions about my photographs made me do my happy-dance each and every time, I cannot get enough of it. So it has been a while I wanted to post about food photography. I’m by no means a photographer. But I can always share the things I’ve read and learned by trial and error. At first I was planning to write one post only. But there is too much information to share, so, I will keep posting about food photography.

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If I was not the queen of all procrastinators, I could have started this blog years ago and written about the places I`ve visited, not just written though, could have seen those cities from a blogger and foodie perspective too. Well, did not happen. I hope I can revisit some, especially Paris and Hawaii were/are gold mines for a foodie. Fingers crossed. Fortunately, Rome is here.

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I do not have a crazy autobiographical memory but with this blog I realized that I have tons of memories related to food going to back to even age 4-5. It is very ironic if you consider I was always a skinny child known as a very picky eater. But I always loved bread. When my mom sent me to the bakery I’ve always bought one extra for me to gobble on my way home. I loved the fresh bread smell and warm, soothing air coming out of bakerys. I have very vivid snapshots of me waiting on the line to get the breads, it was that much mesmerizing to me! Bakers here always (well, at that time) put stickers on breads with the bakery’s name on it. Most of the time I would eat those stickers as well because my dear cousin told me that if I ate them, I would learn to read and write! Dumb me ate those stickers for years but could not see any progress on the literacy part! I would make random masses on pages and ask mom/dad: “What did I write now? What does it say?” Well, now I do not eat the stickers but cannot live without the bread itself. I never feel like full without shoveling down some dough!

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